Release News 2.13.2009
Skylar Janssens has friends, colleagues and contacts around the world. His financial genius came to him naturally, as did his ability to mingle, socialize and pull off the big deal. He could sell himself because anything he was involved in he became passionate about. Skylar had become very materialistic, because in his world, what you own means just as much as who you are. He was the best of the best, and feared no challenge. Soon he would find out that he had everything and just how quickly it could slip away.

When you have everything, you have more to lose. When you lose and have nothing, then you have nothing to lose. Game on NYC, Skylar Janssens is playing for keeps this time!
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Subway Reaper

by Raif Wolfe
On Friday the 13th, February 13 2009, the Thriller - Horror Release Subway Reaper: Tunnel Vision At Its Worst.

This novel by Raif Wolfe has been found by readers to be the most enjoyable, horrifying, no-nonsense thriller writing that entertained beyond expectations.
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